Congratulations Wyatt for winning 3rd place in the BMX world challenge!

Wyatt Christensen has placed 3rd at the world challenge in Belgium this July! After his 2018 season of placing within the top eight BMX riders in the nation, he has traveled all over the country and now abroad to reach his latest achievement in the sport.

“We’re super proud of him and this huge platform for seven-year-olds that he’s competed in. We would ask him, did you see all the people in the stand? There were so many people there, from all over the world. But he’d say no, he didn’t notice. He’s very focused and stays humble,” says Wyatt’s mom, Kristina Christensen.

Kristina, General Manager of Heron’s Key dining services, has traveled extensively with her family – Florida, Oklahoma, California, Oregon, Washington, and Canada to have Wyatt compete in each race and grow within the BMX sport. As the years go by, BMX becomes a family sport as Wyatt’s younger siblings follow in his footsteps riding their BMX bikes. It may not be too long when they are competing in the national arena!

“There were 75 competing seven-year-olds at the Wold BMX Challenge. It was a bit of a learning experience competing in Europe since they were different shoes to ride! That makes a huge difference for USA competitors who aren’t used to racing in flat shoes.”

Now that Wyatt and his family have returned from the competition in Belgium, they’ll be looking ahead to next year’s World BMX Challenge in Tokyo!

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