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Everglades National Park Closing for Hurricane Dorian | Dry Tortugas Remains Open for Now

Published on August 30, 2019 at 12:28 PM EST

HOMESTEAD, Fla – On Friday, Aug. 30, Everglades National Park will close park entrances and visitor facilities at 4 p.m. in preparation for the landfall of Hurricane Dorian. Park concession-operated boat tours, services and rentals at Flamingo and Everglades City as well as Shark Valley Tram Tours will also cease operations on Friday afternoon.

Park airboat concessioners Coopertown, Everglades Safari Park, and Gator Park will remain open until 3 p.m. on Aug. 31.

Marine waters will remain open for boating, but emergency services will be extremely limited after Friday.

No backcountry passes will be issued until further notice.

Vessels may seek safe harbor in the area of Ponce De Leon Bay, the Little Shark River between marker 1 and marker 69, and the main tributary of the Shark River. The Flamingo Marina will be closed. Chickees are also closed and vessels are not permitted to tie off to chickees.

All closures will remain in place until severe weather passes and the National Park Service makes a determination that employee and visitor facilities are safe. Updates will be posted as an alert on the park’s website.

Dry Tortugas National Park remains open. Ferry and seaplane tours will continue taking visitors to the islands as weather permits. There is no overnight camping. In the event the storm track changes, the National Park Service may issue a new advisory with updated status.


Health & Wellness: Go Local

Every weekend from now through November, you can find farmers’ markets nearby – get to know your local farmers! Their less commercial approach often yields fresher, tastier, and more nutritious food then what’s found in your regular grocery store. You will also find vendors that sell homemade, preservative- and additive-free products like kombucha, jerky, and baked goods. Go local; go green!

image of chef handing out food to a customer

Property Spotlight: NIH-Fisher’s Lane Café 5601

Located in Rockville, Maryland, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is one of the many sectors of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. While the NIH-NIAID strives to learn more ways of enhancing our lives, the NIH-Fisher’s Lane Café 5601 team members work hard to ensure they have the best meal or snacks throughout their workday or conferences.

NIH-Fisher’s Lane Café 5601 serves breakfast and lunch to over 1,000 people daily as well as hosts conferences for many international NIH clients from Japan, Europe, China, and more. Joel Cabezas, General Manager of the Café 5601, and his team offer full-service catering.

Daily customers to the NIH-Fisher’s Lane Café 5601 consist of employees within the NIH-NIAID building as well as from the other sectors within the National Institutes of Health including the National Cancer Institute, Human and Health Services (HHS), Food and Drug Administrate (FDA). Joel says there is great participation in the café from the “outside.”

“We have a website,, in addition to our Facebook and Twitter accounts so everyone can see the menu for the upcoming week,” says Joel. “We have weekly and monthly promotions; our guests know when their favorites are being served each day.”

In the past, NIH-Fisher’s Lane Café 5601 had special promotions like “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” American barbeques, and summer picnics. Each season welcomes a new menu with corresponding dish options for the weather, holidays, and guest favorites.

“As part of our culinary career, we always want to give our guests the foods they crave,” says Joel, “including fresh salads for the summer or delicious warm soups during the winter.”

Even with a constantly-evolving menu, guests still gravitate towards their favorite meals and food types such as Latin, Italian, and more. Guests’ number one desired meal is a Peruvian-Style Lomo Saltado – stir fry dish with marinated sirloin strips, red onion, and tomatoes, served with French fries and rice.

“We have it twice a month and, at least, 120 orders come in for it each time; it is a great finance push,” says Joel. “It is a way of satisfying our guests as well as meeting our goals.”

Another favorite at the NIH-Fisher’s Lane Café 5601 is Tex-Mex Chicken Chilaquiles, which comes in various forms each time it is served every other Friday. Having a set food schedule is greatly appreciated by in-house customer and visitors, but the 13 GSI team members thoroughly enjoy getting recommendations for future dishes.

“If a customer wants to give the staff suggestions of what should be showcased in the café next, the on-site comment cards and social media pages allow for that,” says Joel. “In my eyes, these comments are new opportunities for business. If someone makes a suggestion for a delicious and affordable meal, and we create it, they are going to invite their friends to try out their suggestion at the café.”

Joel says that when people come to visit, they always have the same message that each team member’s smiles are so sincere when they are serving their guests.

“The first thing I look for in my team members is their natural smile,” comments Joel. “If they have an inviting, friendly smile, I can train them on the logistical side of being a part of a successful café. Customers appreciate natural smiles.”

Joel and his team even know the “regulars” by name when they come to visit the NIH-Fisher’s Lane Café 5601. If you are interested in seeing the friendly faces at Café 5601 at the NIH-NIAID or trying any of their fan-favorite meals, please contact Joel at, and he will add you to the guest list at the Visitor’s Center. Breakfast: 7-10:30 am; donuts and pastries: 10:30-11:30 am; lunch: 11:30 am -2 pm; light snacks: 2-3 pm. The Coffee Bar is open from 7 am – 4 pm.

Thank you to Joel and the rest of the GSI team members for serving amazing food and upholding the Guest Services’ legendary hospitality standard.

image of diver in lake mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Annual Ecology Dive: Cleaning the Lake One Diver at a Time

There is a phrase that says, “It is the greatest of mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little; do what you can.” However, The Lake Mead National Recreation Area teams aren’t just doing something little to help the environment; they have conducted a yearly Ecology Dive into the lake since 2003.

“Volunteers dive underneath the docks and into the open water to pick up any trash or other items that may have fallen overboard off houseboats,” says Rod Taylor, Vice President of LMNRA Guest Services. “Our main goal is to improve the environment in, under, and around the docks.”

Each year, the Ecology Dive occurs on the second Saturday of October, due to perfect weather conditions above the water and the temperature of the water near the 90° mark. For the first Ecology Dive in 2003, the event had around 200 volunteer divers to help clean the lake.

“When we had such a big group like that, we dispersed so many boats to the various beaches in the area. People were even taking their boats out to help the initiative; it almost was too hectic to handle,” comments Rod.

Sixteen years ago, the Ecology Dive would pick up enough trash to fill a 40-yard dumpster. However, with the increase in the educational programs at Cottonwood Cove and throughout the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the most recent dive simply needed 75 volunteer divers to accrue only a four-yard dumpster.

“The Ecology Dive has become an eco-tourism event. We have had volunteers fly in from as far as New York to partake in the action,” says Dive Master Ron Dalke. “Events like this are a great opportunity for networking while doing an activity we love that helps the environment.”

Volunteers have the option to dive in two one-hour long segments and each is given a number to keep track of all divers entering and exiting the water. Wristbands are given to each diver with their individual number on them to help everyone keep track. Participants are released in one section at a time for maximum safety for the divers. Each diver has to call out their number before going underneath the water as well as during the “roll call” after the dive to ensure everyone returned to the surface.

“Safety for our divers is our number one concern. The new divers in the event are kept in open water sections so those with more experience can maneuver under the docks. The buddy system is also utilized to ensure everyone is accounted for.” says Rod. “We also have numerous people on the dock looking for bubbles and helping pull the full trash bags from the divers to the shore.”

There is no age restriction for Ecology Dive volunteers; only the divers must have their open water scuba certification before going under water. Those without equipment can obtain loaner equipment from local dive shops. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area community becomes a major part of this annual event.

Rod says, “As a thank you, we go around the community to get prizes to raffle off to the participants at the barbeque after the dive. This is a great time to talk about diving as well as compare stories on what we found while cleaning up the trash.”

During the Ecology Dives, common household items blown overboard off the houseboats are typically found; most often that consists of towels, plastic bags, and soda cans. Sometimes, participants find unique “treasures” during their hunt.

“I went diving yesterday, and I actually found an old stove,” says Ron. “In my diving experiences, I have found nine fishing poles, three GoPros, five smartphones, diamond watches, batteries, engine blocks, chairs, and even cash. One time I found a gas station sign with gas costing only $1.28! Some of the stuff we find is from a time when people didn’t think about how dumping items like that affects the environment.”

Even after the Ecology Dive is over, the Lake Mead National Recreational Area has programs and events throughout the year to showcase the importance of continual lake care. Sayings like “boat it out, bag it in” and “stash your trash” help people remember what actions to take while out on the water.

“The most important thing we are trying to teach is for people not to be lazy with their trash disposal. There are dumpsters throughout the area for people to put trash in; just bagging the trash and leaving it on the beach won’t help the overall cause,” says Herb Riggle, Cottonwood Cove Manager.

In addition to the educational programs, there is the “We love our Lake” campaign and Dessert Walk. “We love our Lake” allows local Boy Scouts and other visitors that want to volunteer go out on a houseboat and, as long as they come back with full trash bags from their adventures, all they have to do is pay for the fuel they used. The boys earn badges while on the houseboat.

The Dessert Walk is a spring cleaning for the beaches. Volunteers are taken by boat to pick up trash at the various beaches, campgrounds, and other surrounding properties in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This is a collaborative effort with the National Park Service as they bring their trailers and pick-up sticks.

Ron says, “our Ecology Dives and other programs are meant to be educational and fun for the community to get together and make the Lake Mead National Recreation Area beautiful. Plus, it is always interesting to guess what you might find in the water!”

This year’s Ecology Dive is on October 12, 2019. Once that date gets closer, there will be more information about how to sign up as a volunteer diver on their social media pages. If you have any other questions about the dive, please contact Ron at 702-293-1153.

Thank you to all team members at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area for putting on such a great event that showcases outstanding sustainability efforts!

marbella property photo

Marbella at Pelican Bay: The Dream Florida Retirement Community

Escaping to Florida is the stereotypical route many people take after retiring and at The Marbella at Pelican Bay, they truly know how to provide the dream retirement.

The Marbella is a 118 unit, 22-story high rise that sits on the Gulf of Mexico. Residential units vary in size, but all are luxurious – the west facing windows look over the seamless view of the Gulf of Mexico.  Troy Cardwell, Marbella’s Managing Director, describes it as a combination of a hotel, country club, and an assisted living facility.

“We are providing the dream of retirement. You ask for something, you get it,” says Troy. “There is cohesive respect between members and employees, and we provide high levels of services to people without crossing the lines.”

Attached to The Marbella is an assisted living accommodation called The Cove. Jackie Gonzales, RN Administrator of the Cove has utilized her “epic talents” throughout the assisted living side at The Marbella for over 16 years.

“The levels of service from both locations mirror each other. The Marbella has servers delivering beverages with impeccable table management as they would give 24/7 medical care with compassion in the Cove,” Troy explains.

The Marbella has three levels of dining available – informal, semi-formal, and formal. However, Troy believes there is a custom code the Marbella follows for their meal presentations.

“It’s more like formal, really formal, and extraordinarily formal. Our plates are works of art, and we make sure the food is special every day for every meal. Whether it’s just a sandwich placed perfectly or a glass of iced tea with the lemon seeds removed, everything is perfect. When hot water is placed in front of you, the lid is lifted for you to choose your tea and sugar. Many of our residents eat here due to that impeccable service and mouthwatering meals from burgers, salads, and grilled fish.”

Residents and team members alike would describe The Marbella at Pelican Bay as a “community.” They have events throughout the year that create opportunities to mingle.

Troy says, “We had our Super Bowl party with a tailgate and a speaker on Vincent Van Gogh in the same week. Our weekly movies are picked by the concierge to accommodate the preferences of our guests and playing Bridge is also a popular activity.”

In the past, there have been trips to the Southwest Florida gardens and local country clubs, ladies only getaways, speakers, and piano concerts. Going beyond those extravagant activities, there is a lot to do on-site such as strength and stretch exercise classes and water aerobics in the pool.

To greet guests as they enter the Marbella, Front Desk Agent Allen Prudhomme is there with the “most contagious smile” as he assists with any questions about the property or area. The entertainment found throughout Pelican Bay is sure to please the resident and their family visiting.

“There are beautiful shopping centers here that feature Chanel, Omega, and Tiffany as well as many dining establishments,” says Troy. “Pelican Bay is very well planned out community filled with grocery stores, banks, churches, and more. It also has the most beautiful array of flowers and plants throughout.”

Even though Marbella looks very similar to the high rises around it, the inside is what makes it unique.

“We pay attention to the details. Housekeeper Clemencia Lopez is known for her spectacular efforts on having the ‘cleanest elevator tracks in Florida.’ From housekeepers taking care of the residents in their units to maintenance doing the actions we take for granted like moving paintings and chairs,” says Troy. “These mediocre tasks mean the world to our residents and keep them independent.”

The Marbella at Pelican Bay just celebrated their 20th anniversary with champagne and caviar, and it’s always a great idea to celebrate the small stuff too.

“Nobody knows when their last day will be, so that is why it is our mission to deliver everything at its finest,” says Troy. “This very special assignment to make our residents’ world happy and for them to live the perfect life they dreamed of every single day is just one of the many reasons why it is a dream place to live and work.”

Thank you to everyone at The Marbella at Pelican Bay for showcasing the highest level of hospitality services to your guests. For more information about The Marbella, visit their website.

Thank you to Managing Director Troy Cardwell, Resident Manager Michelle Woodman, RN Administrator of the Cove Jackie Gonzales, Executive Chef Dario Correa, and Dining Room Manager Eda Dudushi Braden.

Marketing brag article

Leveraging In-House Marketing Resources to Achieve Your Business Goals

In a month’s time, you may need to design an updated menu, send an email blast about a new event, and create social media posts promoting your limited-time special promotion. There are so many marketing aspects that need to be done to stay trendy and relevant in today’s digital society. Let the Corporate Marketing Team assist you! This team of creative professionals has a variety of backgrounds that help boost business priorities. From print and digital to advertising and photo/video improvements, the team is there to bring your vision to life or help you conceptualize what the job requires.

Website updates and redesign, creating a flyer for your property’s event, designing social media graphics, building your social media presence or starting a new platform, marketing best practices training – the list goes on and on. Check out a few of the team’s best practices collateral below for inspiration on what the team can create!

But first, how can you best utilize the Corporate Marketing Team? Here are a few tips:

Submit a Marketing Request form on

This online tool allows the entire Guest Services Community to make digital, print, and sales requests with ease. Each form has specific fields that need to be filled out in full to understand better what you need, what limitations we may need to overcome (either timewise, budgetary, etc.) as well as give you the opportunity to elaborate your message without back-and-forth emails, phone calls and so forth.

types of marketing request forms

Remember key information when completing a request form.

The main thing is to think ahead and fill out the form to the best of your ability – there is never too much information! Digital and print requests should be uploaded at least two weeks in advance. The earlier in advance the request is submitted, the better!

  • Keep in mind calendar events like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, etc.
  • Deadlines are very important to the team, and most of the projects meet those expectations. Therefore, please be aware of the time needed to create each project.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so send in your property photos and videos!

These are used everywhere – social media, websites, flyers, graphics – you name it! The more photos the Corporate Marketing Team has, the more active your guests will be with your content; therefore leading to higher sales and return rates. We recommend sending at least 3-6 photos per month to either Katie Miller, Content Marketing Specialist, at or Brooke Sullivan, Multi-Media Specialist, at If the files are too large to send, email one of them for a Dropbox link for you. Follow these guidelines to capture that picture-perfect moment!

  • Decide on a clear center of attention
    • What is it about what your subject sees that is so interesting? Is it the positioning? Is it the colors you see? You know what is interesting, so frame the shot to omit distractions and noise.
  • Don’t Zoom In; Get Closer!
    • Most phones are equipped with a zoom function, but you should never use it. It enlarges the image but compromises quality, resulting in grainy, blurry images. Instead of using the zoom feature, get as close as you can to your subject.
  • Shoot in Natural Light
    • Take advantage of natural light. By changing your position, getting near a window, or simply walking outside, you’ll get brighter photographs with true-to-life colors. If you have to use indoor lights to get bright enough photos, opt for white lights, and stay away from bulbs that cast a yellow tone over your photo’s subject.

Best Practices Examples

Gaining email subscriptions and increasing social media usage should be top priorities when trying to boost engagement with your guests/customers.

Last year, Giants Ridge did a Burton Ski Giveaway in which they gained 3500 of email acquisitions. The campaign ran mostly on their social media, but also was featured in their monthly marketing e-blasts to guests and website updates. This best practice can be utilized at most Guest Services’ properties! Check it out here.

Photos and short videos are great to share on social media! Having an integrated digital campaign has been shown to increase sales at our properties and can/should be used everywhere! Take a look at a few videos below.

Print materials are also quintessential marketing pieces that most properties need. Look at previous menu and flyer creations the Graphic Design Team has done.

The Corporate In-House Marketing Agency is available at your disposal and provides a number of benefits. The team understands the company value to provide the legendary level of service and uses wide-ranging, industry-leading best practices to accomplish goals. Also since the Marketing Team is in-house, it allows for ample communication for feedback on projects. They look forward to seeing your marketing requests soon.



The Giant Burton Gear Giveaway was conceptualized to boost user engagement with skiing at Giants Ridge by offering the latest ski gear to our target audience. Those who chose to participate were offered the chance to win a package of Burton snowboard gear that included ski apparel from our retail store as well as a gift card toward Burton merchandise.



  • Acquire customer information such as phone numbers, emails, and zip codes
  • Spark user engagement
  • Increase social media followers


  • 3500 emails
  • Almost 1k page likes
  • 6.6k website visits
  • 43k users reached
  • 1.8 link clicks to the landing page
Mt. Rainier

Difficult to Manage, But a Positive Story: How Guest Services Helped Furloughed Government Workers During the Shutdown

Since its inception, Guest Services has been providing supportive services for government workers and facilities. We were even called Government Services from 1945 through 1982. This impactful relationship evolved into a long-standing partnership with the National Park Service and several State Park Systems across the country.  Since the National Park Service is an agency of the federal government, many of Guest Services’ managed-properties, such as Mount Rainier National Park, felt the impact of the 35-day government shutdown that lasted from December 22, 2018, until January 25, 2019. As Guest Services’ team members, we strive to provide legendary hospitality solutions, and the shutdown didn’t stop the Mount Rainier and Grandview Annapolis Towne Centre Condominium Team Members from creating a positive impact on their community and guests during this negative situation.

Grandview Annapolis Towne Centre Condominium is located in Annapolis, Maryland. Guest Services has assisted with the daily operation and administration of the property since 2012. Once the government shut down began, the team called local food pantries to see if they needed any additional support.

“We knew more people would reach out to the food banks as the shutdown started to have no end in sight. When they said they needed more, we immediately sent out a notice to our residents for donations, and the food started to pour in,” says Edward Dunlap, General Manager at the condominium.

In only a few days, they collected about two carloads of non-perishable items like canned soups, sauces, rice, beans, and other boxed foods.

“While none of our residents were directly affected by the shutdown, we felt it was our duty to make sure the families in our area felt supported, and if help was needed, we were offering,” says Edward.

The impact of the shutdown was felt across the nation, including Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. Mount Rainier’s National Park Inn is located in the Longmire Historic District of Mount Rainier National Park. When the government shutdown commenced, they were determined to keep their operations open for their guests and team members.

“During the first shutdown, we chose to donate hours to keep the public restrooms clean and clear the area of trash,” says Melinda Simpson, Operations Manager at Mount Rainier. “We were able to keep our pristine standard through January 10th.”

Along with donating hours of labor to keep the Park clean for visitors, they also had the donated funds go towards the snow plows to keep the Longmire area safe. In a short time, the costs exceeded around $12,000, but there was no government shutdown in sight.

“We had to cut the public off from going beyond the Longmire area to the Paradise Inn due to the inability to keep it maintained. That’s when we knew we had to do something for our community to keep spirits high.”

Mount Rainier’s team decided to take extra food from their holiday celebrations to a local food bank called Eatonville Food Bank as well as add a few extra chairs to their Christmas Buffet.

“We made sure to invite the furloughed National Park Service workers to our Christmas Buffet,” says Brandy Frederich, Mount Rainier’s Managing Director. “They were surprised, and it was a complete success. We needed to recognize our community during this time and say we are in this with you.”

Overall, they donated over $2,400 worth of food. Brandy says, “Our donations kept the area open to the public. Once that stopped, so did the ability to go out in public. We had to respect and honor the highly-restrictive NPS rules. While other government facilities had their workers just go home during the shutdown, we couldn’t. It was interesting being in such a pristine place and not being able to walk around. It truly was a shutdown.”

During the government shutdown, the Mount Rainier team members continued providing the best hospitality service possible, which is why Mount Rainier National Park is one of the top National Parks in the United States.

“Those involved from the acting managers to law enforcement still wanted to represent the Park Service and community well. Positive interactions and smiling faces were abundant, just like it would have been if we were fully opened,” says Brandy.

As Melinda says in her final remarks looking back on the government shut down and how she and her team members got through it: “It was difficult to manage, but overall it was a positive story of how everyone can work together as a team in tough situations.”

Thank you to Mount Rainier and Grandview Annapolis Centre Condominiums for your dedication to committing to Guest Services’ roots of serving our government workers and communities.

Century of Service Lancaster Toy Drive

Contributing to our Century of Service: One Toy at a Time

Guest Services, Inc. is built on the four cornerstones of delivering the highest quality of service, remaining a loyal partner, being good stewards towards our communities, and providing fulfilling careers to our team members. These expectations are at the forefront of our Century of Service volunteer program, and our properties manifest that mindset into initiatives to further provide for their communities each year. Lancaster Foods exemplified this in their most recent service program.

Located in Jessup, Maryland, Lancaster Foods strives to deliver the highest quality produce wherever and whenever it’s needed. On top of that in each December, the team at Lancaster adds another product to their list – toys.

“Our first toy drive was back in 2012, and we only had a goal of about 300 toys,” says Ellen Palmer, Human Resource Specialist at Lancaster. “This year, we donated over 600 toys to the Bon Secours Community Works.”

Bon Secours Community Works is in Baltimore, Maryland, and provides guidance with career development, financial services, women in crisis, and family support. Providing such a large amount of toys each year to such a deserving group takes a very dedicated team.

“We raise money to buy these toys throughout the year. We have our annual bake sale in November where people can show off their baking skills, and there is a separate raffle in which people can participate if they donate a toy,” Ellen says. HR Manager Natalie Sieger contacts vendors for their donations as well as raffle prizes from other Guest Services locations. In the past, raffle items were tickets to sports games and Sculpture Garden ice skating passes. The main source of money donations is from the Lancaster HR snack cart. Ellen says she “had the idea of creating a snack cart as a way of raising more money for the donations. There is no better way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving than knowing that your purchase will help others too. We have potato chips, oatmeal, candy bars, popcorn, beverages, and more!”

All the profits from the cart go towards to toy fund, and vendors sometimes donate their products to boost sales even more. Around November, the Lancaster Human Resource Team gathers all the money made throughout the year and heads to the toy store.

“We get all types of toys because we can’t categorize the age group or gender of the children coming,” says Krystal Reynolds, Lancaster Human Resource Specialist. “We get a nice selection of toys ranging from infants to teenagers.”

When donation day finally arrives, the whole team gets to see their hard work in action. Krystal says that it can be “chaotic and entertaining, but it is also quite an experience to see those children get excited about a toy especially if they normally don’t get anything.”

Children who arrive at the toy drive receive about 2-4 toys, depending on the number of donations. But starting in January, Ellen, Krystal, and their other team members Theresa Steheman and Dinora Mancia are back at the snack cart, waiting to make sales.

Ellen says, “It is almost second nature to us now, and we are already looking forward to another great year.”

Thank you to Lancaster Foods and all our units for engaging in meaningful volunteer services that make a measurable difference in each of your communities.  We also want to send our congratulations to the Lancaster team for being chosen for a Governor’s Service Award for this toy donation drive.

photo of a Guest Services employee

Top 3 Benefits of Being a Guest Services Employee

We want our team members to thrive not just professionally, but also personally while being a part of the Guest Services’ family. That is why we take pride in providing benefits that match or even go above industry standards. Take a look at what we deem to be the top three employee perks within the company.

  1. 401(k) Match Program – The Ultimate Guide to Retirement

None of us likes to think about growing old, but we love the idea of retirement. Guest Services offers a very competitive program for both our salaried and hourly team members. As long as you have worked for us for six months, Guest Services will match a percentage of your paycheck contributions to your 401(k) retirement account.  What does that mean?  It means you get free money from Guest Services for your retirement—and it’s simple!  When you put away a portion of your paycheck directly into your 401(k), Guest Services will add even more money to your account.  Your retirement account can be funded even faster because of Guest Services’ matching money contributions. It’s a win-win – we can almost hear the relaxing beach waves of retirement in the background.

Don’t miss out on the extra money that Guest Services wants you to have for your retirement. Sign up for a 401(k) account on Principal Financial’s website or by calling 800-547-7754. For more information, you can view a 401(k) enrollment webinar.

  1. 50% Off Every Service We Offer – Get The Most Out Of Your PTO Days!

We updated this perk recently to give our valued team members an even better rate at all of our fantastic properties. Included in this promotion are all lodging, recreation, retail, and food and beverage sites. From lodging at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin in Washington state to renting a houseboat at Flamingo Adventures in Florida’s Everglades, just reserve available dates at the place you would like to stay, and you’re all set. Saving money while taking a vacation is the best way to use your paid time off. Check out the latest edition of The Standard to see our top ten places to use the 50% off deal.

  1. Being a Part of a Company that Cares

Each company may say that they have the best incentives available and employee programs, but Guest Services and our team members know that we supply beyond the normal benefits. We try to give employees the ability to gain more knowledge in their career as well as providing “peace-of-mind” benefits.

If you didn’t know already, Guest Services grants our employees up to $2,000 annually toward a job-related degree program. If you have thought about getting a higher education degree in a field related to your job position, this is the perfect opportunity to start making that dream into a reality. If you are interested in utilizing this employee perk, please email

There are also additional company perks to add an extra layer of luxury to your benefits. There are so many available to you, but here are a just few:

  • Cell phone discounts
  • Car rental discounts
  • Travel Emergency Assistance

Reliance is the company-provided one-stop resource for our Employee Assistance Program to help you with your off-the-job peace of mind.  Our Employee Assistance Program provides unlimited referrals for the child, elder, and pet care; legal consultation; education, and many other personal services at no cost to Guest Services’ employees. For more information on the types of benefits available to you, take a look at Reliance’s website.

Guest Services cherishes our team members, and we like to provide a well-rounded benefits program to the people who make Guest Services an industry-leading company. Our outstanding culture combined with these excellent benefits is only a part of the “thank you” you deserve for all the hard work you do.

Find out more information about how Guest Services takes care of you on The Core under Benefits and Pay or by contacting Human Resources at 703-849-9380.