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Food and Drinks “Simply Done Well” at the Island Time Bar and Grill at the Columbia Island Marina

Located on the Virginia side of the Potomac River, in the Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove on the Pentagon Lagoon, lies the Columbia Island Marina. The Marina docks boats year-round in their over 300 slips, but what consistently drives in new customers is the Island Time Bar and Grill.

Island Time Bar and Grill is the only on-water Tiki Bar in all of Washington D.C. This outdoor bar and grill is designed to transport you out of D.C. to somewhere tropical, even if it is only for a couple of hours.

“With the outdoor pergola deck, the theme of the food and drink, the palm trees, and the décor together, it accomplishes the task of making you think you are in Florida,” says Blake Pendleton, Columbia Island Food Manager. “It’s a great place for power players from D.C. to relax for a moment.”

The restaurant brings in many customers, locals and tourists alike, but it is the restaurant’s service motto, “simply doing things well” that keeps them coming back. To employees, this means simple recipes, attention to detail, limited ingredients, and service done well. The best part? All menu items are made with high-quality ingredients from local vendors.

“Some popular items are the three-ingredient, juiced to order Orange Crush with freshly-squeezed juice, orange vodka, and sprite. Others include our six-ingredient crab cake, decadent lobster roll, and fish tacos,” says Blake.

The Island Time Bar and Grill, which can be seen from the Pentagon, is the perfect location for events, group outings, work outings, tourist stops, and much more. Saturdays at the restaurant mean live music for all to enjoy.

“We even have parking for people to use if they feel like driving in as well as space for D.C. tour group buses to stop and allow kids to stretch their legs,” says Blake. “We are also starting to have more people from Georgetown actually boat to us. They dock for a bit for good food and drinks, and then get back on the boat to go home.”

The restaurant sees its highest visiting rate on the weekends with one particular weekend standing out. District Manager of Recreation Joseph Cangianelli says, “When Rolling Thunder comes to visit, we have over 3,000 people come to enjoy the food and atmosphere.”

Island Time has come a long way in its last five years, starting as just a small “circus” tent and forming into an island getaway full of live music and delicious ‘clean-eating’ food. The Island Time Bar and Grill expects to continue to grow and prosper as Washington D.C.’s best waterside bar and grill, and even has plans for creating a warm space on the deck to be used for the winter. For catering inquiries and questions, email

Thank you to everyone at Columbia Island Marina and the Island Time Bar and Grill for creating the perfect summer place for everyone!

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