Culinary Forum

Welcome Chefs to the 1st Culinary Forum!

This initiative is for you to join together with other cuisine designers as a safe place to discuss, evaluate, and improve the culinary programs, initiatives, and projects for all of Guest Services. The discoveries you make in brainstorming together will motivate and drive specific actions to ensure the sustainability and growth of our contracts while looking for opportunities with new contracts.

“The purpose of the Culinary Forum is to provide a mechanism where a task force of selected chefs can meet to address the overall culinary programs, initiatives, and projects as well as find solutions to improve the company’s current standing in the culinary world. We hope that the Forum will create excitement that drives motivation, leading to positive change throughout the company,” says Kaitlynn Cook, moderator of the Culinary Forum initiative.

During our Culinary Forums:

  • We will be innovative, creative, and share best practices amongst each other so that we can develop our ideas and implement them throughout the company
  • We promote compliance throughout all Guest Services dining Standardizing and promoting uniformity through two of our programs: FareShare and GoBeFull
  • We brainstorm from the ground up through menu design, creating recipes, food, and dining promotions, food display, food safety, inventory management, etc.
  • We identify previous flaws to establish solutions that will set us up for future success while acknowledging our current strengths to enhance them in all capacities

Preview of Culinary Forum Brainstorm:

  • What were some past challenges that our dining services had? What made them challenges?
  • What have been some of our accomplishments? Were any of the key accomplishments?

“Currently, this will be taking place every quarter. The timeline may change in the future, depending on the need. The Culinary Forum will be a great way to stay competitive within our industry. It will also create more of a community amongst our chefs, where they can drive innovation and promote compliance.”

Stay tuned for the next Culinary Forum on Thursday, October 10th.

If you need more info, please contact Katelyn Cook via email at or phone at (540) 816 – 8817


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