FareShare: The Guest Services’ Cookbook for Chefs

For over a century, Guest Services has been providing a wide variety of clients a top-quality dining experience. Innovative, delicious, and successful audience-specific choices have become one of our hallmarks. Health is also a huge priority when creating custom menus at each location. That is where FareShare, Guest Services’ recipe database, comes into play.

“FareShare is a database of recipes entered in by our chefs throughout the company,” says Katelynn Cook, Innovation Strategist. “It’s a place where chefs can use the database to create menus and generate nutrition labels for every food dish made across all our properties.”

“There are about 4,500 recipes currently on the site, and it is a very simple point-and-click system,” says Registered Dietitian Judy Caplan. “If a chef wants a Panini recipe, they just search it and all the uploaded recipes appear. If they are looking for something is that great for food-sensitive diets, there is an option to filter those results.”

Within the database, there are recipes with gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian diet restrictions. Overall, there are about 25 types of cuisine available including American Comfort, Asian, British, Caribbean, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Korean, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Thai to name just a few. Over half of the recipes are considered GoBeFull healthy which follows the criteria listed here. Each recipe is carefully reviewed by Judy and Katelynn for accuracy and readability.

“We make sure that all potential allergens are identified in each recipe. After the recipe is correctly uploaded, any chef can see the recipe and its nutritional value. A handy tool for chefs is that they can easily print the nutritional label from the recipe. All GoBeFull healthy labels are printed on green paper, while the other recipes are printed on white,” says Judy. “White labeled items can still be healthy; they just do not meet the more stringent nutritional standards of the GoBeFull program.”

FareShare is in place to allow the chefs to continue to have a creative hand in preparing their properties’ menu while establishing the standardization of recipes. There is even an option to rescale recipes to allow chefs to create fan-favorite foods at a larger or smaller scale.

“Every week, our chefs can plan out their menus on the system and even see what other properties’ chefs are preparing as well. This system doesn’t damper creativity in any way; it cultivates a community for our chefs while establishing accurate nutritional information that our customers want to see,” says Katelynn.

With the end goal of 10,000 recipes in the next few years, Judy and Katelynn continue to work tremendously hard to ensure Guest Services and our properties provide industry-leading food services to our guests. We thank you as well as the many chefs who actively utilize the FareShare system.