Property Spotlight: Florida Southern College

Dinner is on us tonight!

Down South, at Florida Southern College, we meet the college community’s taste buds and nutritional needs through the variety of dining services we offer all over campus. Since the life of a college student and faculty staff is about juggling school tasks and different workloads, as their caterers we aim to be in many locations and supply many different foods throughout the day.

“Guest Services has been at Florida Southern College for over 45 years! Before we just had a cafeteria, and now we have more than six different dining venues that cater to food allergies and plant-based diets. And food services play such a huge factor in where students decide to go to school, so we need to focus on their preferences and nutritional needs,” says Tim Raible, Florida Souther College Dining Services general manager.

Currently, we offer eight dining options on campus, along with catering services. These options include different food and service offerings from inside the main dining hall to a quick burger on the way to class at the campus grill. Coming up in 2020 will be Steak n’ Shake! “We’re very excited to bring Steak n’ Shake to campus. We know it’s a crowd-pleaser and will bring more variety to our dining,” says Tim Raible.

If you’re ever in the Lakeland Floridian neighborhood, be sure to stop by at any of these food stops! Get your snack pack ready while on your way to Tampa along Florida’s Gulf Coast or further down to Miami.

  • Are you looking for something international? Wynee’s Bistro offers nutritious cuisine options, including a salad bar with over 40 items! World Tour has both local or international options.
  • In the mood for wraps and sandwiches? The Terrace Cafe offers a wide variety of fresh sandwiches, wraps, and salads all in a casual environment. While eating your wrap enjoy a great view of the pool for inside or outside dining.
  • Are you making a quick rest stop bite? The Happy Place food truck is a quick and easy way to grab a hot bite to eat while on the run. They serve freshly made barbeque, wraps, sandwiches, and daily specials that will make your mouth water.
  • In need of wifi and a coffee? TUTU’s Cyber Cafe, featuring Starbucks Coffee products, has excellent large chairs and couches, flat-screens, and computers with freshly baked goodies, salads or sandwiches within arms reach.

“What I find special and unique about the Dining Services here at Florida Southern College is the level of attention we can give to the students. Guest Services has adapted to meet the needs of the students and faculty at the campus by nutrition labeling, create new separations, so food doesn’t cross-contaminate and other safe handling practices.” We offer students and staff a variety of foods and eating experience at Florida Southern College.

What better way to study than with a crunchy snack in your hand?


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