Food Show 2020 – 10th Annual

This year’s 10th annual Food Show featured plant-based meats, safety processes and sustainable packaging and container storage. Team members from across the country met with a variety of vendors, heard from Guest Services, Inc. leadership and sampled delicious tastings at the venue.

State of the Onion

Before the presentations and meetings with vendors could commence, Mr. Gabrys mentioned that Guest Services had one of the best years financially in the history of the company! Along with new team members and new businesses on the horizon, Guest Services’ future is bright.

We Brought on New People

“We brought in a new Chief Financial Officer this year Dan Stolzfus. We have a new head of our sales team Heather Guay Yoo. Laura Sherman was promoted to Vice President of Hospitality… [Also] We have a new Senior Living division and Shawn Rose was hired to head up that operation.”

Congratulations Nico

“In terms of personnel changes during the year, we’ve promoted Nico Foris to Chief Operating Officer. I think when the time comes that he takes over the future is very bright; because in my opinion I think he will be the best CEO that this company has ever had in their history. ”

Lancaster Foods

Effective February 14, 2020, our Lancaster Foods subsidiary was sold. This sale will, among many other benefits, give Guest Services the ability to focus our management and capital resources on our core operations: food service, lodging, recreation, other hospitality services, and the senior living subsidiary, as we grow in our second century.  It puts Guest Services in a very strong position to pursue the many new, exciting opportunities which will further elevate our presence throughout the United States.

Industry Trends

What are some new industry trends? Or, how do those trends impact our food industry in the short vs long term?

We interviewed some of our vendors, Stillwater, High Liner Seafood & Gehl Foods, Tyson – Hillshire & Meats and they mentioned that the new name of the game is creating new plant-based products.

“People are looking for products that are vegan, gluten-free. Especially now we really see more allergies- nut allergies. So we’re making new facilities that are nut-free and gluten-free because we want to avoid cross-contamination issues,” said a Tyson representative.

Check your local grocer in the freezer section for Purdue’s Chicken+ (40% vegetable – chickpea and cauliflower) and other exciting plant based products.

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