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Leveraging In-House Marketing Resources to Achieve Your Business Goals

In a month’s time, you may need to design an updated menu, send an email blast about a new event, and create social media posts promoting your limited-time special promotion. There are so many marketing aspects that need to be done to stay trendy and relevant in today’s digital society. Let the Corporate Marketing Team assist you! This team of creative professionals has a variety of backgrounds that help boost business priorities. From print and digital to advertising and photo/video improvements, the team is there to bring your vision to life or help you conceptualize what the job requires.

Website updates and redesign, creating a flyer for your property’s event, designing social media graphics, building your social media presence or starting a new platform, marketing best practices training – the list goes on and on. Check out a few of the team’s best practices collateral below for inspiration on what the team can create!

But first, how can you best utilize the Corporate Marketing Team? Here are a few tips:

Submit a Marketing Request form on

This online tool allows the entire Guest Services Community to make digital, print, and sales requests with ease. Each form has specific fields that need to be filled out in full to understand better what you need, what limitations we may need to overcome (either timewise, budgetary, etc.) as well as give you the opportunity to elaborate your message without back-and-forth emails, phone calls and so forth.

types of marketing request forms

Remember key information when completing a request form.

The main thing is to think ahead and fill out the form to the best of your ability – there is never too much information! Digital and print requests should be uploaded at least two weeks in advance. The earlier in advance the request is submitted, the better!

  • Keep in mind calendar events like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Halloween, etc.
  • Deadlines are very important to the team, and most of the projects meet those expectations. Therefore, please be aware of the time needed to create each project.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so send in your property photos and videos!

These are used everywhere – social media, websites, flyers, graphics – you name it! The more photos the Corporate Marketing Team has, the more active your guests will be with your content; therefore leading to higher sales and return rates. We recommend sending at least 3-6 photos per month to either Katie Miller, Content Marketing Specialist, at or Brooke Sullivan, Multi-Media Specialist, at If the files are too large to send, email one of them for a Dropbox link for you. Follow these guidelines to capture that picture-perfect moment!

  • Decide on a clear center of attention
    • What is it about what your subject sees that is so interesting? Is it the positioning? Is it the colors you see? You know what is interesting, so frame the shot to omit distractions and noise.
  • Don’t Zoom In; Get Closer!
    • Most phones are equipped with a zoom function, but you should never use it. It enlarges the image but compromises quality, resulting in grainy, blurry images. Instead of using the zoom feature, get as close as you can to your subject.
  • Shoot in Natural Light
    • Take advantage of natural light. By changing your position, getting near a window, or simply walking outside, you’ll get brighter photographs with true-to-life colors. If you have to use indoor lights to get bright enough photos, opt for white lights, and stay away from bulbs that cast a yellow tone over your photo’s subject.

Best Practices Examples

Gaining email subscriptions and increasing social media usage should be top priorities when trying to boost engagement with your guests/customers.

Last year, Giants Ridge did a Burton Ski Giveaway in which they gained 3500 of email acquisitions. The campaign ran mostly on their social media, but also was featured in their monthly marketing e-blasts to guests and website updates. This best practice can be utilized at most Guest Services’ properties! Check it out here.

Photos and short videos are great to share on social media! Having an integrated digital campaign has been shown to increase sales at our properties and can/should be used everywhere! Take a look at a few videos below.

Print materials are also quintessential marketing pieces that most properties need. Look at previous menu and flyer creations the Graphic Design Team has done.

The Corporate In-House Marketing Agency is available at your disposal and provides a number of benefits. The team understands the company value to provide the legendary level of service and uses wide-ranging, industry-leading best practices to accomplish goals. Also since the Marketing Team is in-house, it allows for ample communication for feedback on projects. They look forward to seeing your marketing requests soon.

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