People Spotlight: Tricia Rickard

Tricia Rickard, 1986 till now

Tricia Rickard has been a pillar of Guest Services for 33 years.

If anyone had any questions about how the Intranet works, where to find items on it, or other site questions, Tricia is the lady to know.

“I started with Guest Services as an admin for the Cleaves Food Service division,” says Tricia Rickard. “The reorganization of the company allowed me to continue to work as an admin for the Operations Division, as well as Human Resources.”

As the Guest Sevices’ Corporate Webmaster, she is responsible for all domain names under and used by the company, various recreation sites as well as the Indian Craft Shop, Pavilion Café, NIH Café 5601, NETC online class order, DM checklist reporting, and the company intranet.

“What initially started as an avenue to evolve our accounting reports from paper to electronic is now home to over 10,000 pages of company information.”

Since her start with the Company, Tricia has loved her job because she enjoys the challenges and working in customer service. However, while maintaining her career and professional growth in October 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“The “C” word changes the outlook on every aspect of one’s life. We are a family at Guest Services. When one of us is going through life-altering challenges, the support and love extended from every level of the company is incredible. I believe it gives each of us the added confidence to fight even harder.”

As a strong employee-led organization, Guest Services served as a place of encouragement and support during hardships.

“My boss, Steve Jacobs, and co-workers never ceased to amaze me. The encouragement I received from the few I shared in and outside of corporate was so generous. My front-of-the-line battle warriors were my faith, my husband, Daniel, along with my daughter, Cheyanne.”

Through thick and thin, Tricia has maintained her health, perseverance, and love for helping those in the company who rely heavily on the Intranet for their jobs.

“My motto is ‘at Guest Services we do life together.’”

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