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Experience Stehekin

Ever been to Washington?

Not Washington D.C. but the State of Washington? Now’s your chance!

Plan your Thanksgiving vacation with your Guest Services 50% employee discount and Stehekin’s 20% Fall special between October 6th through November 30th (subject to availability). Visit Stehekin’s website for more information.

Fall is the time for family, foliage, and fun! And with Stehekin’s incredible nature hikes, horseback riding, and scenic tours this time of year, you’ll have your fall-filling adventure.

“What I like most is how people react to our beauty here. It takes 3 to 4 hours to get here from [Lake] Chelan, on the Ferry, which is a beautiful trip, and most people are so surprised by the beauty here. It’s a hidden gem. It’s very much a challenge to get here, but everyone falls in love with the place, where it’s back to nature, hiking, kayaking, sitting by the water, getting lost in your thoughts, and the beauty around you, it is very serene. It is truly a magical place,” says General Manager Denise Steinhauer.

The name “Stehekin” is a Native American Salishan word that means “the way through.” The Stehekin Valley served as a passageway for travelers, linking the State of Washington’s wilderness to the rugged Cascade Mountains. The North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin offers a way through to a stress-free place of natural splendor, just like it has for many years.

“The majestic view of the mountains and landscape, the magic of the lake with its beautiful color (Lake Chelan). As you sit on our deck that overlooks the lake with the mountains on the other side, it’s very special.”

To Get Here

You will arrive by foot or boat.

Plan to take The Lady of the Lake (boat ferry) from Chelan


The beautiful 23-mile hike from Highway 20 to High Bridge, where you hop on the red bus to Stehekin

“There is a new type of transportation coming to us soon. It is a catamaran, which will give guests a faster way to arrive here. The only transportation we have currently is the Ferry Service. Lady of the Lake.”

So, what are you waiting for? Let the fall-y, folly begin!

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