Racial Equality

Like you, we have given a lot of thought about Guest Services’ responsibility to our own very diverse employee family. We have always stated our commitment to treating all people equally and zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, including of course racial discrimination. We continue to live this philosophy every single day in interactions with our customers, our employees and our clients, and we will continue to affirm these standards with our employees on a regular basis.

We recognize, however, that we should never consider our efforts to be complete, and that we should always listen to and learn from our employees as there are always improvements to be made. We believe that there is a need to focus on our actions as well as our words promoting racial equality. To that end, we have an internal program to actively engage our employees in a dialogue about equality, fair treatment, and what we can be doing better in Guest Services’ workplaces. Racism and bigotry will never be tolerated.