10th Annual Food Show

Each year, the Guest Services Food Show welcomes chefs, managers, and team members from all across the company to Fairfax, Virginia, to experience the latest culinary industry best practices and trends.

CEO Mr. Gerry Gabrys kicked off the food show with the “State of the Onion” address discussing the dedication and hard work put in from each Guest Services Team Member to make 2018 a fantastic year, despite challenges.

“In years like that, it makes us grateful that we have talented people. 2018 led to expanded nutritional and human resources initiatives,” said Mr. Gabrys. “Everyone, day in and day out, needs to continue doing our very best to enhance our standards further.”

Those initiatives included The CORE as well as the recipe database which were discussed in more detail by President/COO Jeff Marquis and Vice President of Human Resources Danielle Verderosa.

Jeff showcased our ninth year of Quality Assurance Program, its importance, and our 2018 QA Winner.

“If we satisfy our clients and customers, and our places look good, we have a really good long term outlook. We had the highest QA scores of all time this year- some reaching upwards to 96 and 97. This year’s winner is the Double Tree in Naples, Florida, with Jennifer Wallace and her team,” said Jeff.

Jeff also congratulated the Marketing Team’s month corporate newsletter, The Insider – which is what you are currently reading!

“We wanted everybody to get the positive, morale-boosting information, and that is why we get team members’ personal emails. It comes out every month, and we try to showcase a particular unit each edition as well as different programs that are helpful to all of our employees, including the latest culinary program, FareShare.”

Chief Financial Officer Nico Foris wanted to give highlights about two properties Guest Services recently acquired on Lake Mead – Black Canyon River Adventures and Willow Beach Marina. To get an inside look about what Black Canyon River Adventures offers, check out our Insider article here.

Doug Verner – Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel – emphasized the importance of safety in all of our properties. His top five safety necessities included: 1) cut gloves 2) slip-resistant shoes 3) clean floors 4) no trip hazards 5) proper lifting techniques (legs not back). Keep those in mind when you are working within your property. We always prioritize safety to our team members!

To conclude the “State of the Onion” Danielle announced a major update on the Guest Services Employee Discount.

“Guest Services is always thinking how to make this company the best place to work and how to show our appreciation towards our team members,” Danielle said. “So, we enhanced our employee discounts to be 50% off everything – from lodging to food and beverage as well as recreational sports, based on availability.”

Each employee can receive their employee discount when they show their employee ID at the Guest Services’ location. To receive your employee ID, please visit The CORE or contact Human Resources.

Before the chefs, managers, and team members enjoyed the endless vendors showcasing mouthwatering food and other innovative culinary necessities, Mr. Gabrys made sure that each person knew that the future is bright.

“It looks like it will be a promising 2019 and a promising future.”

Thank you to Bob Douglas and his team for putting on another great Food Show, and we look forward to the next one.