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Since our inception in 1917, team member investment has been our most essential allocation of resources and is the fundamental key to our next successful century of service.

With more than 4,000 team members employed at more than 350 properties stationed across the country, management regularly faces the challenge of fortifying our infrastructure with training and communication while recruiting the best, most service-oriented hospitality professionals.

Every tool must be utilized to meet the complex demands of our growing organization and provide an enlightening experience for all team members.

Allison Pepin, Director of Human Resources, has been working with Danielle Verderosa, Vice President of Human Resources, Katie Gianturco, Manager of Training and Development, Kristine Coe, IT Programmer/Analyst, and Joel Mangulabnan, IT Programmer Manager, to build a new Human Capital Management System called The CORE.

For many months this team has been working to implement the next innovative system to optimize the Human Resources and Training Department’s ability to recruit, onboard, and develop talented people for our all-star team of employees.  Allison and Danielle  give credit to Klaudia Strojec, Digital Marketing Specialist, for her expert design of Guest Services’ new career site, which is the first introduction that prospective employees have to Guest Services.

What is The CORE and how will it affect our team members?

Allison says, “The Core is an expertly built web-based platform customized to establish an easy, efficient, and convenient line of communication between Guest Services management and its team members. The program’s objective is to enhance the team member experience by informing them of available services and benefits as well as other available opportunities within the company. Each team member will have an individual login for The CORE and will be encouraged to regularly check-in throughout the week for information and updates.”

How will this program change our recruitment process?

“Hiring Managers will be able to access The CORE to partner with the Guest Services Talent Acquisition team to create job requisitions, view applicants, interview candidates, and make hires. Having an online resource that connects all parties involved in the recruiting process will greatly improve efficiency.”

How will this program enhance team member’s ability to develop as professionals?

The CORE provides the platform needed to modernize the learning process and has the flexibility that is necessary to provide relevant education for all business concentrations and at all ends of our vast, geographically dispersed company. Developing a team member’s skills and expertise is not only advantageous for their home property, their coworkers, and our guests, but it is also beneficial for their individual professional development. Training for a team member’s current role and one they aspire to be working in will be accessible through web-based learning modules.”

How will this program improve Human Resources and Training efforts?

“This will ensure that Human Resources and Training initiatives are accurately communicated and quickly distributed to all team members, it will allow us to provide them the information and resources that they need, and it will enable them to take advantage of any opportunities they are interested in.”

How will this program positively affect the overall team member experience?

“Having a web based vehicle empowers team members with access to information and training at their convenience. They will have access to a single, centralized location that details team member events, Guest Services news, recognition, pay, benefits, open positions, training, and career development opportunities. The CORE will be an excellent way to stay connected and engaged, and it will provide the tools and resources team member’s need to succeed.”

When can team members expect The CORE?

“We anticipate the platform will be up and running during the Fall. The next few months will be an exciting time to be introduced to and get acquainted with The CORE. This program has been a long time coming and it will revolutionize the way we manage and the way our team members utilize our dynamic corporate resources. We’re all very excited for its implementation!”

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