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Curb Your Candy Craving Craziness

Halloween is hard to ignore, especially when there is candy everywhere! Unless you are a hardcore “health nut” some indulgence won’t derail your best dietary intentions. Here are some tips to mitigate the damage: 15 g. of carbs is the same as a slice of bread so read every label on the candy you choose […]


Property Spotlight: Florida Southern College

Dinner is on us tonight! Down South, at Florida Southern College, we meet the college community’s taste buds and nutritional needs through the variety of dining services we offer all over campus. Since the life of a college student and faculty staff is about juggling school tasks and different workloads, as their caterers we aim […]


People Spotlight: Welcome & Promotions & 1st Year Anniversary

Laura Sherman Promoted to Assistant Vice President of Hospitality “I’ve enjoyed the diversity in each of the units and have seen different types of businesses that I would not be exposed to strictly in the hotel industry,” Laura says. She has been with Guest Services for almost ten years now. During this time, she’s been […]



ourPlanet ourPlanet is a Guest Services sustainability program designed to encourage us to think about how our actions affect the environment at work and in our personal lives. In this program, we focus on the three Rs of environmental sustainability: Reducing, Reusing, Recycling. Most at-work initiatives focus on how our actions affect the customers or […]