As we chart out on our next 100 years of service, Guest Services has been making a concerted effort to expand our operating footprint.  Contract wins and continued growth requires new processes to ensure a smooth transition from one management company to ours. The procedure of onboarding a new property is extremely complex and full of intricate operating objectives that need to be achieved in a sometimes unthinkable time frame.

Activate is:

  • A centralized and streamlined program that facilitates new site openings
  • An assembly of highly adept team members from throughout the organization
  • Created by matching property’s unique needs with team member’s particular specializations

Beth Rinker, HR & Administration Manager in our Recreation Division and the lead coordinator of the Activate program, interviewed with us to help articulate the intricacies of the program. She has done a phenomenal job developing and overseeing the program since its conception roughly six months ago.

Who comprises the Activate team?

Activate draws upon Guest Services team members out in the field to assist with an opening that is likely hundreds of miles away from their home unit. It blends the vast internal network of team members within our organization to create one supergroup that is optimized for a new unit’s opening.

“This is where the program shines. Guest Services has so many talented people and so much experience in so many vastly different fields. Now, we have a program that can fully leverage this to our advantage.”

Once the Activate team is created, objectives are explicitly articulated, timelines are set, and weekly synergy meetings are established, the opening process begins.

How new is this program?

“Very new! The program has only been in action for about six months now, but Activate has already seen success with a few new units, the most recent of which was at Rainbow Springs State Park in Florida.”

Other units where Activate has been utilized:

  • The Lodge at Wakulla Springs, FL
  • The Wharf, Washington D.C.
  • Flamingo, FL
  • Rainbow Springs, FL

Why was Rainbow Springs a stand out project?

While all of the Activate projects have been executed proficiently, Rainbow Springs was an outstanding example because of how well it incorporated talent from all over the company.

  • “Susan Pourian, the General Manager of Indian Craft Shop, and Judy Watson, Retail Supervisor at Weeki Wachee, were brought in to help with retail because of their extensive expertise in the field. They did a wonderful job getting this service started at the new unit.”
  • “Brandon Sentman, the Maintenance Manager at Echo Bluff State Park, was brought in to help with maintenance objectives. Brandon was ecstatic about the opportunity to be a part of the project and was quickly recognized for his great work. It was refreshing to hear about his gratitude and the support he received from Reg Marvin, the GM of Echo Bluff.”
  • “Matt Smith was the Project Lead and did a terrific job facilitating the Activate team and continues to excel as the area manager for both Weeki Wachee and Rainbow Springs.”

Why is Activate an exciting program for Team Members?

“If you are selected, it is a tremendous opportunity to participate in something outside your everyday responsibilities and gain some amazing exposure within the organization. Through Activate, team members can develop their careers, expand on their professional experiences, and make a significant difference while doing so,” said Beth.

The program looks forward to an exciting future that expands on its teams’ capabilities, continues to explore the nation-wide Guest Services community in search of the best talent, and fully incorporates all of our departments. As the company continues to expand, it will become increasingly important to utilize the capacity of our very diverse infrastructure and its esteemed team members.

If you are interested in getting involved with Activate, please contact Beth Rinker at