Feeding hundreds, if not thousands, of hungry people every day is no small feat, especially when you want them to enjoy tasty, satisfying food that will keep their energy up for a long afternoon of work ahead. Throughout its history, Guest Services has prided itself on the quality of the food it serves to guests. In the early years, when the company was more narrowly focused in terms of the nature of its accounts and conditions in the country sometimes required food rationing, recipes were standardized; what was served at one unit would be the same as what was served at another unit across the street or down the block. Recent years have seen a decentralization of operations and an expansion of the types of accounts we manage, however, and our talented chefs now have the leeway to concentrate on their units’ unique populations and tastes.

The recipes in this section, while not authentic to Guest Services, represent menu items that we would have served down through the years. Times change, but quality and service remain our standards.

Our list will grow over time.