Buffalo Chicken Wings 1970s

Although it’s said that the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, served the “original” Buffalo wings in 1964, it wasn’t until the 1970s that they really caught fire. That fire spread across the country until these delicacies were served in virtually every bar, as well as in “fancy” restaurants and pizzerias. There were almost as many recipes for the wings as there were restaurants serving them, but two elements were consistent: Blue cheese dressing and celery sticks always accompanied them. Today’s simple recipe comes from the “American Century Cookbook” and the wings it produces are exact duplicates of those served in Buffalo taverns “back in the day.”

In the 1970s, loyalty and length of service were valued at Guest Services as much as they are today. In the company’s 1975 corporate brochure, it’s noted with pride that 11 employees had served the company and its customers for a combined total of 400 years in a wide range of positions. 1975 also saw the introduction of computer cash registers, and the development and implementation of the company’s first food safety certification training program.

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