The Insider Tenth Edition

Twenty-Five Year Dinner Turns Thirty!

11 Facts You May Not Know About the Twenty-Five Year Club September 21, 2018, was an evening with the stars as Guest Services celebrated its 30th annual Twenty-Five Year Dinner. Out of our 4,000 employees, over 100 members are a part of this exclusive club. But, what is the Twenty-Five Year Club? Here are 11 […]


Guest Services, Inc. Expands Industry-Leading Sustainability Campaign

4.1 tons of plastic packaging reduced. 68,252 water bottles reused. 292 tons of waste recycled. In 2017 alone, we enhanced our sustainability to a level the hospitality industry hasn’t seen before; and we aren’t stopping there. The common phrase, “reduce, reuse, recycle,” is always at the forefront of our work. Doug Verner, vice president of […]


National Mall Kiosks And Retail Outlets: Delivering Spectacular Food & Visitor Services For America’s Front Yard

With over 35 million visitors to the National Mall in 2017, the nine National Mall Kiosks and Retail Outlets are the epicenters of food and hospitality for every visitor to “America’s Front Yard.” Each day, our team serves a variety of visitors from all over the world; many being first-time visitors to our Nation’s capital. […]