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Marbella at Pelican Bay: The Dream Florida Retirement Community

Escaping to Florida is the stereotypical route many people take after retiring and at The Marbella at Pelican Bay, they truly know how to provide the dream retirement.

The Marbella is a 118 unit, 22-story high rise that sits on the Gulf of Mexico. Residential units vary in size, but all are luxurious – the west facing windows look over the seamless view of the Gulf of Mexico.  Troy Cardwell, Marbella’s Managing Director, describes it as a combination of a hotel, country club, and an assisted living facility.

“We are providing the dream of retirement. You ask for something, you get it,” says Troy. “There is cohesive respect between members and employees, and we provide high levels of services to people without crossing the lines.”

Attached to The Marbella is an assisted living accommodation called The Cove. Jackie Gonzales, RN Administrator of the Cove has utilized her “epic talents” throughout the assisted living side at The Marbella for over 16 years.

“The levels of service from both locations mirror each other. The Marbella has servers delivering beverages with impeccable table management as they would give 24/7 medical care with compassion in the Cove,” Troy explains.

The Marbella has three levels of dining available – informal, semi-formal, and formal. However, Troy believes there is a custom code the Marbella follows for their meal presentations.

“It’s more like formal, really formal, and extraordinarily formal. Our plates are works of art, and we make sure the food is special every day for every meal. Whether it’s just a sandwich placed perfectly or a glass of iced tea with the lemon seeds removed, everything is perfect. When hot water is placed in front of you, the lid is lifted for you to choose your tea and sugar. Many of our residents eat here due to that impeccable service and mouthwatering meals from burgers, salads, and grilled fish.”

Residents and team members alike would describe The Marbella at Pelican Bay as a “community.” They have events throughout the year that create opportunities to mingle.

Troy says, “We had our Super Bowl party with a tailgate and a speaker on Vincent Van Gogh in the same week. Our weekly movies are picked by the concierge to accommodate the preferences of our guests and playing Bridge is also a popular activity.”

In the past, there have been trips to the Southwest Florida gardens and local country clubs, ladies only getaways, speakers, and piano concerts. Going beyond those extravagant activities, there is a lot to do on-site such as strength and stretch exercise classes and water aerobics in the pool.

To greet guests as they enter the Marbella, Front Desk Agent Allen Prudhomme is there with the “most contagious smile” as he assists with any questions about the property or area. The entertainment found throughout Pelican Bay is sure to please the resident and their family visiting.

“There are beautiful shopping centers here that feature Chanel, Omega, and Tiffany as well as many dining establishments,” says Troy. “Pelican Bay is very well planned out community filled with grocery stores, banks, churches, and more. It also has the most beautiful array of flowers and plants throughout.”

Even though Marbella looks very similar to the high rises around it, the inside is what makes it unique.

“We pay attention to the details. Housekeeper Clemencia Lopez is known for her spectacular efforts on having the ‘cleanest elevator tracks in Florida.’ From housekeepers taking care of the residents in their units to maintenance doing the actions we take for granted like moving paintings and chairs,” says Troy. “These mediocre tasks mean the world to our residents and keep them independent.”

The Marbella at Pelican Bay just celebrated their 20th anniversary with champagne and caviar, and it’s always a great idea to celebrate the small stuff too.

“Nobody knows when their last day will be, so that is why it is our mission to deliver everything at its finest,” says Troy. “This very special assignment to make our residents’ world happy and for them to live the perfect life they dreamed of every single day is just one of the many reasons why it is a dream place to live and work.”

Thank you to everyone at The Marbella at Pelican Bay for showcasing the highest level of hospitality services to your guests. For more information about The Marbella, visit their website.

Thank you to Managing Director Troy Cardwell, Resident Manager Michelle Woodman, RN Administrator of the Cove Jackie Gonzales, Executive Chef Dario Correa, and Dining Room Manager Eda Dudushi Braden.

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